Wibena Impact is a Kigali based non-profit, non-political organization whose mission is
to empower youth, women, and vulnerable persons through education, leadership
development, mentorship, and response to climate change. Our singular focus is on creating spaces and training people to fully exploit their potentials, access, and create sustainable opportunities. Owing to the proliferation of the youthful population in Africa, it is acutely important that we do not let the energy, knowledge, and innovation capabilities of these people go down in the drain.

For this purpose, Wibena was established to plug the hole of the missing link between
the skills and energy of the youth and women, and the sustainable livelihood and

Premised on our mission to develop value, we tailor our activities towards addressing challenges faced by women, vulnerable persons, and youth such as poverty, unwanted pregnancies, drug abuse, and the skills gap. In doing so, we run wide-ranging programs that include:
a) Increasing Access to Basic Education
b) Leadership Development
c) Capacity Building and Empowerment
d) Research
e) Subsistence Income Generation
f) Empowerment of Vulnerable Groups
g) Climate Change and Conservation

We strongly believe that people with a sustainable means of living are empowered to
be better, and a project that sustainability to the environment and future generations.
This is a mission that was deeply concerned with, for whose objective we are
perpetually dedicated to realizing.

Website https://www.wibenaimpact.org/