Mentee Eligibility Requirements:

  • Demonstrate a desire to participate in the programme and be willing to abide by all PLO AMP guidelines and procedures
  • Be willing to communicate with PLO Africa Mentorship Program (PLO-AMP) regularly
  • Be willing to complete all preliminary procedures
  • Agree to attend all mentee activities as required
  • Be willing to communicate regularly with the Programme Coordinator.


  • You engage in dialogue on the kind of change young people desire
  • You get opportunities to cultivate entrepreneurial skills
  • You are mentored by distinguished persons
  • Your network and partner with other young people from
  • You are nurtured to be a servant leader
  • We help you identify your area of interest and become an expert in it
  • We provide fora for cultural exchange and interaction
  • You are awarded the PLO Africa Mentorship Programme (PLO-AMP)  Certificate at the end of the induction program

Register as Mentee