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Annual Medical Camps

 We organise annual Medical Camps in rural and low-income urban areas. Some of the medical camps that we have organised include ‘HEALERS’ MEDICAL CAMP held in Ndhiwa, on 24th September, 2014 in partnership with Orwa Ojode Foundation. The main objective of the Ndhiwa Medical Camp was to provide free diagnosis and medication to the various health related issues in the region. The specific Objectives were:

1. To diagonize the health complications of the residents of Ndhiwa District.

2. To provide the relevant medication to the diagnosed medical complications of the residents of Ndhiwa.

3. To establish the causes of the Health related problems of the residents of Ndhiwa.

4. To enlighten and advise the residents of Ndiwa on the importance of proper sanitation and hygiene.

5. To establish other complicated health related issues affecting the residents of Ndhiwa and offer the related solutions

6. To gauge the HIV status of the residents of Ndhiwa.

7. To advice the residents of Ndhiwa on the importance of family planning.