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The PLO AMP is a brainchild of the PLO Lumumba Foundation. It is a programme of choice for and by young people, who are nurtured to feel proud of being African and to use our rich African values, culture and resources to transform the continent.

Slogan of the Program

Nurturing Young Africans


Vision of the Program

To amplify African principles, values and culture


 Mission of the Program

To impart positive change that will foster the social, political and economic transformation of Africa.

Objectives of the Program

  1. To foster attitude change among the young Africans
  2. To morally-rearm young Africans
  3. To spearhead celebration of cultural diversity
  4. To nurture ethical leadership and integrity
  5. To initiate projects and programmes that empower young persons to realise their full potential politically, socially and economically
  6. To provide a forum for dialogue and network among young people with the common vision of transforming Africa.