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The PLO Lumumba Foundation is a charitable Organisation, established as a Company Limited by Guarantee in the year 1990. Since our establishment, we have been self-supporting except for occasional support we have received from friends of goodwill. We have changed lives and got more and more people out of a miserable life into one of success and prosperity.


About us

About us

The Foundation offers African youths with quality mentorship programs that are highly productive.

Our Vision

Our Vision

We aspire to be a flagship of excellence
through servant leadership.

Our Mission

Our Mission

We are determined to work with the needy and disadvantaged groups in society in
order to improve and enhance capacity for self-development and actualisation.

Guiding Philosophy

Guiding Philosophy

Excellence through Servant Leadership.

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Our Objectives

1. To nurture young Africans by conducting mentorship programmes and various youth activities across Africa. 2 . To promote education through establishing learning centers, book donations, publications and awarding bursaries to the needy young people to enable them achieve their academic dreams.3. To promote health among the people living in rural and low-income urban areas by organising for medical camps and health awareness campaigns. 4. To nurture servant and transformational leaders. 5. To participate in various economic activities geared towards improving the standards of living among the people in low-income rural and urban centres.

Our Core Values

Honesty, Humility, Integrity, Justice, Authenticity


PLO Africa Mentorship Program (PLO AMP)


As part of our long term programs to offer opportunities to young Africans, we have established the PLO Africa Mentorship Program whose main objective is to mentor young Africans into self-sufficiency and servant leadership.  

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Annual Medical Camps

We organise annual Medical Camps in rural and low-income urban areas.  The main objective is to provide diagnosis and medication to the various health related issues in the region. Read more

Education Bursaries

We identify needy and brilliant students, and support their education through payment of school fees. A number of students have benefited from this initiative to pursue education in various Educational Institutions.

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